Desk Bunk Bed Ideas

Jul 26th

Desk bunk bed-Come up with ideas that will allow your children to use their imaginations nurture their emotional health, and there are lots of things you can do at home to get your kids to have fun and express themselves. Whether a dreary rainy day when the kids are stuck inside, or just as something new to do on the weekend, you can turn the desk bunk bed child into a spaceship and let your imagination run wild. You do not need expensive materials for this project and finish it by following a few simple steps.

Metal Desk Bunk Bed
Metal Desk Bunk Bed

Hang blankets around the sides of the desk bunk bed. Either bind the upper corners of blankets around the bed post with a rubber band, or simply stop the edges around the top mattress to secure. Blankets should completely enclose the bottom bunk, with children sitting on top, ready for take-off.

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You can also pin the middle of a long sheet to the ceiling directly above the top bunk, and spread the sides of the sheet around the edges of the upper bed frame. This creates a kind of pointed top to the ship and the kids can go in by slipping in under the sheet hung on the top bunk.